Our doctors and centre are happy to provide vasectomy services.


Dr Shibli Sharif


Dr Sharif has recently returned from working overseas in the UK and the Middle East. He is welcoming new patients and has extensive knowledge in all areas of general practice. Dr Sharif also performs vasectomies.

Dr Iftikhar Hafeez


Dr Hafeez comes to us with a wealth of surgical and general practice experience. Having worked rurally and at the Canberra Hospital, Dr Hafeez has a wide range of knowledge in a variety of settings.

He has a particular interest in surgical procedures including skin grafts and skin flaps as well as detection and removal of skin cancers. Dr Hafeez also performs vasectomies.

What is a vasectomy?

A vasectomy is a small operation to divert the path of sperm so that when you ejaculate there is no sperm in the semen. It is a very safe procedure that is easily done under local anaesthetic.

What is the process for getting a vasectomy?

Step one – assessment:

If you are looking to have a vasectomy, you will need to have an initial assessment. During this visit the vasectomy procedure is explained and an examination is performed to make sure that you are able to have the procedure safely performed under local anaesthetic. We will take you through any questions you may have to make sure the procedure is right for you.

Step two – procedure:

At Belconnen Mall Medical Centre we use the no-scalpel technique. This technique only requires a single small puncture in the skin of the scrotum, and does not require any stitches. The procedure takes approximately half an hour and is done under local anaesthetic.

This is a quick, effective and relatively painless procedure that means less bruising and reduced risk of infection.

You will be required to arrange to have someone drive you home after the procedure as a precaution.

Step three – recovery:

After the procedure, it is normal for there to be a small amount of bruising and mild discomfort which supportive underwear and over-the-counter pain killers will help with. You can also use an ice pack to reduce swelling.

You can return to work, or light duties if you have a physically demanding job, within a few days. After five days, you can resume sexual activity. Your vasectomy will not impact your sexual performance or ability to ejaculate. However, it is important to note that your vasectomy will not be immediately effective. It will take a few months after the vasectomy for the sperm to clear out of the ducts. You will need to use a different method of contraception until you get the clear.

After a fortnight you can resume exercise. After a month you can resume heavy weights, contact sports and cycling.

Step four – follow up sperm count:

After three months, you will need to have a sperm count done to confirm that the vasectomy has been successful. This test is looking to see that there are no longer any live sperm in the semen. You should not stop using contraception until we have confirmed with you that your sperm count is zero. You should still use a condom in situations if you are at risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).


The total fee billed, including Medicare rebate, is approximately $750. You will a Medicare rebate of $203.35 leaving you $546.65 out of pocket.